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But being neither white nor black, and being also generally poor and landless, the Cape Coloured, is, as a rule, despised by both whites and blacks. When the Dutch arrived at the Cape in 1652 they brought no white women with them and took mates from among the the native ones. Thus it is clear that the older the South African family, the more likely it is to have "Negro" blood. Chapter Thirteen RACE-MIXING IN SOUTH AFRICA 13) MISCEGENATION IN SOUTH AFRICA SINCE about 1700, the Union of South Africa has become the chief area of the mixing of whites and blacks in Africa. Quadroons, too, became "white by law." Each generation grew whiter.In 1663, there were only thirteen white women in a colony of several hundred men. As the colony prospered and life grew safenand easier, more while women arrived from Europe.There were then three varieties of Negroes at the Cape : The Hotten- tots, a people of yellowish color with pepper-corn hair, who had been mixed centuries before through contact with a lighter-skinned race, or who perhaps, had lightened in color from living in a cooler climate. The white men now had separate homes for white wife and black concubine with the result that the mulatto child who had had all along his father's companionship was set apart with his black mother.The little taste of freedom has made the mulattoes look more hungrily towards the whites and away from the blacks.

However, the economic and social advantages the mulattoes seek seem as far away as ever. Only white men can fill certain jobs, something like the Panama Canal Zone where there are "gold" jobs and "silver" jobs — the gold for the whites ; the silver for the blacks. who are ambitious, but not light enough "to pass" chafe at these restrictions.

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My father was a white man." Sarah Millin, another white writer, depicts the tragedy of the mulattoes in her "God's Step-Children." "Terribly proud of their white blood," she says, "it is the black man that calls up the bitter- ness in their heart, the reflection of the shamed, betrayed, and desolate half within themselves." Present Condition of the Mulattoes To increase their irritation, the mulattoes see around them the poor whites— the poorest whites on earth. The upperclass whites of South Africa, as elsewhere, control every- thing, and as they have set a line between white and black they give the rougher and badly paid jobs to the blacks, thus the poor whites "with the divine White skin" may not compete with the blacks even if they would.

Nearly all over British Africa there is a gulf fixed between white and black that must be seen to be realized.

Jan van Rie- beeck, the first governor, also authorized two similar marriages. Their latest choice is "Eur-African." The "Eur" in it shows the European relationship.

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