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Yes, a 24 hour Scientology station is in the works.Back in 2011, the “church” (estimated worth in untaxed real estate: 1.5 billion) bought the KCET Hollywood Studios for 42 million dollars.

With no treatments, Kylie was reminded of what she used to look like as a young teen and she HATED it.Anwar doesn’t hesitate to wear the bag to black tie or casual events, and doesn’t consider it a challenge to his masculinity.(Remember, he has a gorgeous girlfriend five years older than he is.) What we’d like to know is: what’s IN that bag.Jenny Mc Carthy, Portia de Rossi, and Rae Dawn Chong are among his numerous accusers.Never in a million years did he expect any repercussions for his cruel and self-indulgent behavior, but miracles DO happen!The boys skated circles around little Harper, who managed to laugh every time she fell down.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA Pompous action actor Steven Seagal, 65, has been accused of sexual assaults dating back over two decades.When Doug told Courtney he was moving to Detroit to live with his father, she waved goodbye.Chris Cheng, 37, an entrepreneur specializing in start-ups, offered to help Courtney with her “career,” and one thing led to another.Above, Macho Tom doing yet another stunt for Mission Impossible 6 for her.Are we supposed to believe this lascivious mogul never made a pass at such an attractive model, who was indebted to him and also happened to be single at that time?Rosie gave birth to their little boy Jack last June but she looks none the worse for wear.

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    For example, in recent years, an estimated 50%–70% of the average 226,000 annual influenza-related hospitalizations, 80%–90% of the 3,000–49,000 influenza-related deaths (data available at and approximately half of the 13,500 cases of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) in the United States occurred among persons aged ≥65 years (1–3).