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Mattress Firm was founded in 1986 by Steve Fendrich, Harry Roberts and Paul Stork in Houston, Texas. By 2002, there were 250 corporately owned locations. In 2012, the company acquired competitors Mattress Giant and Mattress Xpress.

I am going to the Better Business Bureau and then to the Inspector General. When spending that kind of money, you would think someone would reach out.When he asked when I wanted delivery we told him the Monday after Thanksgiving week as we would be traveling and not available during that week.Somehow the 4th of December was suggested – and I agreed.Unfortunately I didn’t realize this date was a week AFTER the date we had requested. When I asked why I couldn’t find it through their website I was informed that until the “night before delivery when an e-mail would be sent confirming delivery” that the order would not be found on the website.I have been on their website multiple times trying to get the order delivery date changed, which I was my assumption on where to start. Stenio (as requested by him) without a response today I contacted “chat” was was connected with a representative named “Quentin,” who informed me that there was no order in their system. Again I explained my request and was informed that there were “were no alternative delivery dates and that the 4th was the earliest available to us.” This is in complete opposite of what we were assured by Mr.I called back to mattress firm where I purchased the mattress and spoke with the salesman who sold me the mattress.

I let him know how I felt and that I was very displeased with the service.

I wanted to see what the mattress felt like before ordering online so I went to the store in Fayetteville on December 21, 2017.

I asked the salesman to see the mattress and gave him the name and item number.

He informed me that he would put the .00 plus tax back into my account and I could deduct it from my total. I called mattress firm and spoke to a woman who told me he cannot put that money back into my account because it goes to Progressive.

So now I get a call in January from Grant Bulochi (not sure of correct spelling) district manager of mattress firm he saw an email that was sent by the representative at progressive he left a message on my cell phone and gave me his cell number to call him back.

I contacted the store and asked for a refund the next day which it says you have 120 days to test any mattress.