Dating waterbury buttons

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Dating waterbury buttons

Boyd was hurried off to join actor Charlton Heston in Rome in May 1958 to learn the chariot racing aspect of his role.Heston had already been practicing behind the chariot for weeks, so Boyd needed to learn the sport quickly.

In Gore Vidal's autobiography "Palimpsest," Vidal describes his discussion first with director William Wyler, then with Boyd, concerning Messala's underlying motivation, that being that Messala and Judea Ben-Hur had previously been lovers.He appeared in some 60 films, most notably as Messala in Ben-Hur (1959), a role that earned him the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture.He received his second Golden Globe Award nomination for Billy Rose's Jumbo (1962).Arthur Rank production of Seven Thunders (Beast of Marseilles), a World War II romance set in Nazi-occupied Marseilles.and featured Boyd in his most prominent starring film role yet.But it would be a while until Boyd actually set foot on a Hollywood back-lot.

Boyd's next stop was Portugal to make Hell in Korea, which also featured future stars Michael Caine and Robert Shaw.

Even though this was a Hollywood production, the actually filming took place in Morelia, Mexico.

After the filming of The Bravados was complete in late March 1958, Stephen Boyd returned to Hollywood to audition for the coveted role of Messala in MGM's upcoming epic Ben-Hur. Kirk Douglas, Leslie Nielsen and Stewart Granger had been considered for the part, but Stephen Boyd's screen test convinced director William Wyler that he had found the perfect villain for his epic, along with Wyler's admiration for Boyd's performance in The Man Who Never Was from the previous year.

Some advertisements for this movie labeled Boyd as "The New Gable." Ben-Hur was released in December 1959 and made Boyd an international star overnight.

His portrayal of the Roman tribune Messala brought in rave reviews.

Press columnist Erskine Johnson wrote, "A brass hat and the armor of a Roman warrior in Ben-Hur does for Stephen Boyd what a tight dress does for Marilyn Monroe." He was featured in the popular TV program This Is Your Life on 3 February 1960, a show which featured many of Boyd's family members and acquaintances (including Michael Redgrave) telling stories about his early life and film career.

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