Online dating for deaf people only

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I’m in total awe of the fact that Deaf leaders actually have the power to change the world.I’d grown so accustomed to the sit up front, turn your hearing aid on, shut up and read your teacher’s lips mentality that at the time I couldn’t even lead anyone out of a phone booth. I’m overwhelmed by the total access and at the ease of communication amongst students and staff.

Little did they know that this early exposure to ASL effectively wired my brain for language during the critical years between the ages of 0-5.

In 1972 the realization sinks in that I’m going deaf.

Doctors and hearing relatives swarm in and forbid the use of ASL.

ASL makes me realize that education can actually be fun and enjoyable.

Friendships and close relationships with others are accessible on a level I’d never known before.

A lot.) In 1984 I graduate from Germantown Friends School, arguably one of the best schools in Pennsylvania.

Had I written a book titled I Made it in the Mainstream and Your Deaf Kid Can, Too I’d be a millionaire by now. In 1988 there’s this protest going on at Gallaudet University.

I make a mental note that maybe, someday, I can do something to improve awareness of the Deaf world. I also get to work on Crossing Bridges, a book that will show the world why ASL and Deaf culture is The Answer for each and every deaf person.

Later in 1994, I test the material for Crossing Bridges by throwing tidbits into an Internet discussion board that was known as Deaf-L.

It makes me wonder Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about this before? In 1993 I have my first up-close encounter with the cochlear implant.

I meet one guy who had a horrible experience in the hospital.

I’m shocked to find that my opinions are shredded to pieces—by other deaf people. Soon afterward I get to know this delightful woman who happens to have a cochlear implant. She loves it so much that she would later go back under the knife to get an upgrade to a newer, behind-the-ear model.