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Then, click “Install” and “Activate.”Sounds simple, right? From there, a setup wizard will take you through the basic steps of getting started with Woo Commerce.The setup wizard takes less than five minutes to go through and is simple enough, especially if you watch this video (which I wish I’d found before beginning). Honestly, I find the product editor a little strange (adding products looks just like writing a blog), but it works just fine.

I’m used to dealing with Word Press, and I’m used to managing e Commerce admins, but I was thrown off by an e Commerce admin that like Word Press.That doesn’t mean, however, that Woo Commerce is free of all expenses.First, to maintain a Woo Commerce site, you must purchase hosting for your Word site.From there, you can either purchase a premium Woo Theme or download the free Storefront theme, which Woo Commerce highly recommends. You can also categorize products and add attributes on this page. Additionally, you can access pending orders, shipping settings, product information, and inventory tracking from your Word Press dashboard.Woo Commerce comes with pretty decent shipping functionality right out of the box.Woo Commerce is a free, open source shopping cart plugin that works expressly with Word Press sites.

Since its founding in September of 2001, the Woo Commerce plugin has been downloaded over 37 million times.

You should note, however, that if you’re expecting lots of traffic or plan to add thousands of products, you’ll need to find hosting that can keep up with your bandwidth usage.

(Woo Commerce gives a rather non-specific answer to how many products their platform can support.)Woo Commerce integrates into any Word site, although it works best when it’s paired with a Woo Theme (more on this in Web Design).

I highly recommend using Woo Commerce’s tutorial videos to guide you through the beginning stages of setting up your Woo Commerce store.

(Again, I wish I had found them earlier.)Woo Commerce offers features in a Core Extensions model.

Woo Commerce is a web-hosted Word Press plugin that can be used with any Word account.

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