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Consider finding something that will bloom year-to-year around this time.A bright splash of color that attracts butterflies can connect you to the cycle of living and the perpetual rotation of the seasons.

If you absolutely have to log in to an account, change your password once you are back on a secure computer.Some moms dread the text or email we figure is coming.“Happy Mother’s Day,” or even “I love you,” thumbed into a tiny Smartphone screen or typed into an email doesn’t match the roar of silence the rest of the year.But not wanting to spoil the festivities, we likely hold those feelings in. When the kids made you breakfast, did you clean up the kitchen?Getting through Mother’s Day when an adult child is estranged takes a little planning. Did you ever receive a crock pot when you’d have preferred a pedicure or massage?You could opt out of celebrations entirely, skip church, or do something out of the ordinary that starts a new tradition. The fastest way to get our minds off ourselves is to think about helping other people.

One mom told me she volunteers at a local old folks’ home on Mother’s Day. Is there a woman in your life who has been like a mother to you?

Tending to plants connects us to something bigger than ourselves, relieves stress, and cultivates feelings of joy. How about helping other moms looking for ways to get through the day.

Even if you’ve never gardened before, you can succeed. When I went out of town for a few days, someone very close to me pet-sat. For more ideas for getting through Mother’s Day when an adult child is estranged, read this article from December, 2013, Holidays: How to manage them.

Growing a plant that offers food provides rich reward.

For my Master’s Degree in Human Behavior, I conducted research for my final project about gardening’s effects on health and happiness.

Radishes are easy to grow in a container, require little care, and can be harvested in around 30 days. French breakfast radishes are my personal favorite. She texted the photo-shopped pic, saying my doggie missed me so much that she got a Mom tattoo.

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