Who is calista flockhart dating

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Catherine Jane "Cat" Grant is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with Superman.

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New Supergirl writer Sterling Gates tells Newsarama "We're integrating Supergirl's book more into the Superman universe, and that includes having a supporting cast that overlaps with that world.Following this she needs a bodyguard and Jose Delgado (aka the costumed vigilante Gangbuster) takes the job.The two become romantically linked, but Jose is resented by Cat's son Adam, who still hero-worships her ex-husband, Joe Morgan.Cat ends the rumors at WGBS when she has Edge charged with sexual harassment.Vinnie Edge is removed from the board of WGBS, and Cat is given his position.Cat joins TV station WGBS for real, and becomes an on-air reporter, who eventually gets her own talk show, The Cat Grant Show.

Superman gives Cat an interview on her show, which is cut short by the rampage of Doomsday.Cat's son, Adam, is one of several children abducted by the Toyman, and Adam is murdered when he tries to escape. When the Justice League of America unveils a new roster, various members of the press are invited to the JLA Watchtower in order to cover the story.Cat receives an invitation, but is apparently incapacited offscreen by Catwoman, who steals her clothing and identity and goes in her place, hoping to steal from the Watchtower (although her presence subsequently proves important in helping the League defeat new villain Prometheus).During Lex Luthor's tenure as President of the United States of America, Cat serves as White House Press Secretary.Following President Luthor's impeachment she returns to her hometown of Los Angeles, where she works for a paper called the Los Angeles Tattler.This was confirmed in Superman Secret Files & Origins 2009.