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The Downtown Eastside Plan provides a vision, policies, and strategies for the Downtown Eastside that focus on ways to improve the lives of low-income DTES residents and community members.The plan was developed in partnership with the DTES Neighbourhood Council (DNC), Building Community Society (BCS), and the Planning Committee.

The anticipated benefits from these capital grants include an improved training and hiring facility that has hired over a hundred DTES residents with barriers to employment; improved shelter for sixty residents; improved service centre where five hundred people access services every day; and up to an estimated seventy-five low-barrier jobs.

We heard from neighbourhood residents, businesses, and community groups on what matters to them, and launched an online questionnaire.

Your feedback will to help shape the redesign by giving the consultant team a better understanding about what matters to you.

May 4, 2016 - Council approved 6,000 in the third round of matching grants to 10 Chinese family clan and benevolent societies: 0,000 to four first-time applicants, and 6,000 to six applicants that previously received matching grants in 20.

Three of the four first-time applicants provide a total of 19 affordable rental housing units with monthly rents ranging from 5 to 0.

The proposed amendments are to add the creative products manufacturing use to the Zoning and Development Bylaw, and rezone a limited portion of the M-2 Industrial District as a new I-4 (Historic Industrial) District.

October 7, 2016 - You’re invited to an open house to learn more and share your thoughts on the proposed I-4 light industrial zone for the Railtown industrial sub-area.

Learn more about the project and complete the survey November 21, 2017 – We are studying the importance of legacy businesses to Chinatown’s character.

Join us for a community forum on December 8, 2017 to hear about the initial results from a consultant study, and be sure take our upcoming survey on the topic as well.

The capital grants will help non-profits create jobs, grow their enterprises, and build CED capacity.

By working with non-profits, we strive to help improve the lives of low-income residents and revitalise the area without displacing vulnerable residents and valuable community assets.

Through each phase of the planning process, there was a range of community engagement opportunities, where residents, business, community groups, and stakeholders shared their ideas and feedback. Take the survey 我們想知道您認為什麼特質定義了華埠的傳統及特色商店。請參與問卷調查。在20187年01月14日或之前提交您的意見書。 請參與問卷調查 December 12, 2017 – We want your input as we continue to study what defines a legacy business in Chinatown.

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