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Later on, Nelson heard a phone ring coming from the patient and asked him to turn off the phone.

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Until its closure in 2004, the show primarily focused on the staff in Ward 17.

It was produced by John Holmes alongside Jo Porter, Mary Anne Carroll and Di Drew.

The final episode aired on 27 October 2009, completing its recording-breaking 12-year run.

He also stated that while four familiar faces will be leaving, new characters will be introduced to fill the void. Maybe we've had a few too many people through the door of Ward 17 on a trolley and had the 'Hi, I'm Von, I'm your nurse.

Holmes recalled a statement that he made in May 2003 in which he said, "we [myself and Seven script executive Bevan Lee] were seeing the scripts and watching episodes and we were feeling that there was a little bit of a sameness in it. Room Three, thanks Sterlo.'" After tossing up between cancelling the show and using it as the foundation of a spin-off series, Holmes and Lee decided to rejuvenate the show by changing the setting.

In July 2009, exactly one month later after the first announcement, Tim Worner, Seven's Director of Programming at the time announced that All Saints had been cancelled.

He told Michael Idato of the Sydney Morning Herald, "All Saints is a show which Seven and viewers have loved.

Sonia Todd first played Kate in 2000, and she came back as Elizabeth in late 2007 - early 2008.

Kate was a nurse that filled Terri's position as NUM for a few weeks, and Elizabeth was a psychologist who was asked to spy on Frank Campion.

However, an audience shift and increased production costs are behind this tough decision." He also informed Idato that the episode order trim had been reverted and the season would complete a 37 episode order, finishing on episode 493.

It was reported after the announcement that since the introduction of the MRU in 2009 it inflated the cost of each episode to 0,000.

In June 2009, after months of rumours that the cancellation of All Saints was imminent, a spokeswoman from the Seven Network informed The Daily Telegraph that the episode order had been trimmed.