Validating address information

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The same security principles apply when storing or caching bearer tokens for later use.Always ensure that your app securely transmits and stores bearer tokens.

Your app should validate this value, and reject the token if the value does not match.

For more security considerations for bearer tokens, see RFC 6750 Section 5.

Many of the tokens issued by the v2.0 endpoint are implemented as JSON Web Tokens (JWTs).

A JWT is a compact, URL-safe way to transfer information between two parties. It's an assertion of information about the bearer and subject of the token.

The claims in a JWT are Java Script Object Notation (JSON) objects that are encoded and serialized for transmission.

Bearer tokens must be transported in a secure channel such as transport layer security (HTTPS).

If a bearer token is transmitted without this type of security, a malicious party could use a "man-in-the-middle attack" to acquire the token and use it for unauthorized access to a protected resource.You can use the claims in an ID token in various ways.Typically, admins use ID tokens to display account information or to make access control decisions in an app.Open ID Connect introduces a third type of token, the ID token. A bearer token is a lightweight security token that grants the bearer access to a protected resource.The bearer is any party that can present the token.The v2.0 endpoint supports the OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol, which uses access tokens and refresh tokens.