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Ever hookup with older woman for filthy sex - 4live cams seks

Women accuse men of being sex-obsessed, thinking with their dicks, objectifying women with a glance.

Then stop looking at porn or escaping into sports (excitement) men and ladies, shut down the social media and get the attention of your man. Of course men like attention too and women love sex.If a man wants to have sex with every woman; that is his choice.All our choices have consequences but they are choices and up to the individual.But regardless of how she gets her needs met; they are the same.A woman seeks attention, a certain level of validation.They call women “attention-whores.” They put them down for the number of selfies.

The perceive them to be weak and insecure and even stupid for posting pictures of themselves looking their best and for feeling that the “likes” or “comments” of affirmation would mean something.

She wants to be appreciated and to have that appreciation confirmed verbally.

Because men do not seek attention in these same ways and in fact to get attention in this way might make many of them feel uncomfortable they don’t understand it and so they love to criticize it.

Where you put your attention and energy is a reflection of your values. I’m trying to illustrate some of the subtle differences using exaggerated or extreme examples because I don’t have time to write about every little scenario possible.

Don’t be ridiculous in my comments because you are hungry or bored or looking for a fight.

This shaming of women for seeking attention and male approval of their beauty, style and attitude is no better than women shaming men for “looking at a woman’s body”, for their sexual desire, for his attempts to learn how to seduce and attract a woman or even for his pleasure in getting easy, no strings attached “meaningless” sex.