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Starting my catering business and working at Angelica Kitchen solidified it for me.It was all so creative, and brought together my interests in the environment and eating well. Perfectly cooked beans or chickpeas — cooked in a pressure cooker — topped with my favorite things: avocado, flax oil, toasted seeds, tamari and scallions.

You can easily leave out lab stations for a shorter activity.

Then I started the blog,, as a way to share my love of food, continuously develop recipes, and take photos, and it was just the right time. I felt like I had to include all these things from different areas of my life, so it grew really big and into a lot more work than I had planned.

Once I started cooking I didn’t want to stop adding recipes.

The cannellini bean stew with kale and spelt berries is so tasty and creamy. Warm olive oil in a medium-large pot over medium heat.

Add onions and sauté for 5 minutes or until golden.

Students must scatter after each station so that they are not with the same group the entire time.

After all, one of the objectives is for them to meet everyone in the class.My favorite beans are large heirloom ones, like Scarlet Runners. In the summer, my basic brown rice recipe is used in a salad with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers, and it's so delicious.Another go-to is steamed vegetables with zesty flax or black sesame dressing. One is the soaked oats and chia, and the other is the superfood oatmeal.If you are interested in this service, please email your resume and a short description of your job target to [email protected] Cell It is the day when students form their first impression of your class.In addition, how the students perform in Science Chat will give you a good idea of the ability levels of your class. The students will move around at random until they complete all ten.