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Charges were dropped against his brother Thomas Moore, 45.

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He was caught by DNA after spitting on the victim’s body.

James Goodman, 22, and Shaney Heskey, 28, were both jailed for life in October 2000.

Heskey’s cousin Emile used to play for Liverpool and England.

Police said Broddle bore a grudge after Hoggarth beat him up in 1997.

It is thought Broddle found out how to make the bomb on the internet.

Her boyfriend Graham Grogan, 21, was jailed for life in Oct 2000.

The trial at Minshull Street Crown Court heard he smashed her head into a wardrobe, then stabbed her in the heart, back and lungs.

Dec 28 – Flamur Daci, 28, an Albanian immigrant from Southend, was attacked at Tesco in Gravesend, Kent, in a brawl which continued in the nearby railway station. Five Albanian asylum seekers were identified as his killers – Edrin Hodaj, Gezim Ilgazi, Antest Dailani, Genjan Ilgazi and Ruduan Dailani. An inquest in July 2000 recorded a verdict of unlawful killing. Dec 25 – Pervinder Singh Rayatt, 19, from east London, was killed in Chinatown, central London at 4am.

Dec 26 – Simon Brown, 27, from Fallowfield, was shot in the head at 5.30am in front of 200 partygoers at the Manchester Black Community Trust in Cheetham Hill, Manchester. Safdar Hussein, 20, from Wanstead, was jailed for life for murder in Oct 2000. The trial was told Rayatt was from a rival drugs gang and had broken the jaw of Akhtar Hussain in a previous altercation.

The trial at Winchester CC heard he could not afford her drug habit.

Dec 1 – Zardasht Draey, 19, Iraqi Kurd, was beaten to death at a bus stop in Fulham, west London.

James Lawlor, 26, from Bermondsey, was jailed for life in Nov 2000.

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