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Since it was considered that it would improve their reliability if they were removed from contact with the local population, it was decided to send them to the West, A large number of these battalions were hence integrated into the Divisions in the West.

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The army was led by Andrey Vlasov, a defected Red Army general, and members of the army are often referred to as Vlasovtsy ().

They were able to somewhat win over Alfred Rosenberg.

Hitler's staff repeatedly rejected these appeals with hostility, refusing to even consider them.

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There were instances of bitter fighting to the very end, triggered by mishandled propaganda from the Allies that accurately told of the quick repatriation of soldiers back to the Soviet Union after they gave up.

only to be disbanded before seeing combat in July 1944.

In an October 1943 report, 8th Army concluded grimly: "All local volunteers are unreliable during enemy contact.

Principal reason of unreliability is the employment of these volunteers in the East." Two days previously, army had recorded in the KTB stern measures to be taken in the event of further cases of rebellion or unreliability, investing in regimental commanders far-reaching powers to perform summary courts and execute the verdicts.

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A 14 September communication from the army states that in the recent period, Hiwi absenteeism had risen strongly.

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