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Dan presents on Cold Fusion, Flex and Rapid Development Techniques at popular conferences around the world.You can find his thoughts on Cold Fusion, Flex, AIR and other technology matters at some occasional ramblings on food at

The Date Add() function can be used to add or subtract various units of time from a date/time object.The pound sign tells Cold Fusion to evaluate the contents.In the below example, the pound sign will tell Cold Fusion to replace the This Is string with the contents of the previously defined variable This Is.An algorithm is just a fancy name for a series of steps, like tying your shoelaces. Your name is a piece of information and so is your birth date. You can stuff things like letters and packages into a mailbox and get them out later to do stuff.Since it's shorter, in this chapter we'll use the word data to describe a piece of information. Cold Fusion makes storing information very easy because it's a loosely typed Language.Complex variables, such as Structs, Arrays, Queries, Functions, and so on, can not be displayed with the The variable will be evaluated, and the variable contents will be added to the current end of the response buffer. Before launching Data Curl, Dan held numerous senior program and development positions in such industries as Technical Consulting, Health Care, Online Publishing and Government Contracting.

Dan is an avid participant in technology communities; an Adobe Community Professional, manager of the Triangle Cold Fusion User Group in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, Managing Director of the popular Model-Glue framework and contributor to numerous open source projects based on Cold Fusion, Flex and AIR platforms.

This may allow the attacker to steal cookie-based authentication credentials and to launch other attacks.

Generally, the stuff is the execution of a process or algorithm and the things are information or data.

The variable reference must be a simple value that can be displayed as text.

This includes Strings, Numbers, Dates, Times, and so on. To inspect or verify the contents of a variable while writing or debugging your program, use As principal partner of Data Curl LLC, Dan Wilson runs both the consulting practice and Challenge, a way to help employees start and stick with healthier lifestyles.

In the first statement, our math problem is surrounded by the Double Quote character.

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