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However, the record was dominated by up-tempo numbers.

Most of the hits were covered on the first two sets, so the bulk jof material here is new, with only a few of his later hit singles.‘Working Man’, originally a top 10 hit in 1985, is a mellow sounding song about ordinary blue-collar lives struggling to make ends meet.The biggest hit was ‘Got My Heart Set On You’, a mid-tempo pop-country tune which reached #1 in 1986, and which was co-written by Dobie Gray, best known for his song ‘Drift Away’.More controversial is ‘Unborn Voice’, an uncompromising song from the point of view of the unborn child whose mother is evidently contemplating abortion.It’s not subtle, and the production is fiddly, but it moved me.The album sold very well, and was certified platinum.

Grade: B Wynonna’s second solo album was released in May 1993,produced as before by Tony Brown.The brass on this version is a bit overblown but the vocal is great: I admit to still preferring the Whitley version.‘Could You Love Me (One More Time)’ was also both a cover (a Stanley Brothers classic) and a less successful single for John, but from earlier in his career (top 30 in 1981).She has no idea how much we’re just the same Maybe she will have mercy Maybe not I hear it’s beautiful out there and I’d like a shot ‘Lonely Don’t Know When To Leave’ is an excellent sad ballad written by Leslie Satcher.The mid-tempo ‘The Shade’ fondly recalls childhood memories.It’s always hard to grade albums involving extensive re-workings of older songs, but I mostly enjoyed this set although some cherrypickimg might be advised.