Guitar serial number dating fender

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Guitar serial number dating fender - is brandy dating flo rida

Stamped on every potentiometer (volume and tone pots) is a six- or seven-digit source code that tells who made the pot, as well as the week and the year.

Hey, it took a while till they got the bugs worked out of the entry system! Rob Schwarz, who worked there for around 35 years in Fender's PR dept, said he never saw that entry in the data-base while helping me with info on Strat Plus guitars.Here's a few little tips to remember to help aid in dating those late 1970s and 1980s Stratocasters: Fender's three-way selector switch was updated to the Stratocaster's 5-way in 1977.In the mid 1970s the "Thick Skin" high gloss all-polyester finish was introduced.Again, this short lived Deluxe American Standard Strat looks like a Strat Plus, but it's not!!! They came with all the features of a Strat Plus, such as Gold Lace Sensors, same bridge and body type, but no locking tuners or roller nut.They will often have the E4, E8 or E9 serial numbers too.The Plus Series was a very good attempt to reclaim Fender USA's floundering reputation, as quality had drastically gone down hill under CBS's ownership. The Stratocaster was Leo Fender's second guitar design after the Telecaster around 1953, with actual production beginning in early 1954.

The model went through a series of changes through the years.

Finally, By the way, when Trevor finally patented his roller nut, he was living in Australia!

He later moved to the US and over the years worked with a number of guitar companies, and was responsible for many creative designs seen on guitars today.

When the Corona plant was started up, only the Vintage Reissue Stratocaster models were produced between late 1985 through 1986.

Then in 1986 they started production on the new American Standard Stratocasters.

Couple of these workers are no longer working there.

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