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I posted links to some of these under the general heading OTHER so that they are at least noted.Finally, to avoid accusations of libel, I list only cases that meet the above criteria and for which a news report, court case, or copy of the institutional investigation is available.

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How many more were never reported because, let’s be honest here, what’s the point if the crimes are barely punished and people are hired elsewhere anyway?I modify the list as new information is provided, including the removal of cases that no longer meet the criteria.(7) 2017: Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Wisconsin – Madison.I love you, not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you, for putting your hand into my heaped-up heart, and passing over all the foolish, weak things that you cant help dimly seeing there, and for drawing out, into the light, --- all the beautiful belongings that no one else had looked quite far enough to find. Thomas Milton Greene and son and daughter of Dayton, Ohio. George W Bills President of Conference Ben E Rich President of Mission ]; [) They had posterity. Green / Greene, (1930 Census - age 1/12, born 1930, Xenia, Greene, Ohio); died , Kettering, Montgomery, Ohio; married _____ _____. - Lauren Sandra Clark - Buzzy / Mark Lloyd Belleville - Douglas Eric Belleville; married Kara Ellen Pettit They had posterity. - Russell Joseph Cox; married Carol Ann Alderman They had posterity.I love you, because you are helping me to make of the lumber of my life, not a tavern, but a temple. The family extends many thanks for the beautiful floral offerings and also appreciate the kindness and assistance of their neighbors and friends during the sad bereavement of their husband and father]; [Research Note: Death record differs from family records, in stating name as: Jacob Homer Greene, died , Xenia, Greene, Ohio; burial ; birth date given as , in Ohio, having no exact birth place recorded; he is correctly noted as stone mason, married, son of Andrew Green, father, born Pennsylvania; his mother, Matilda Thompson, also born Pennsylvania]; [Jacob Green, listed as an employee of the Hennessey Brothers & Evans Company, of Chicago, Contractors of the Green County Court House; , Xenia, O.; from Images of America, Greene County Ohio Time Capsule of 1901.];, were baptized at the same time and place, on 14 June 1908, in a creek at Xenia, Greene, Ohio, USA. - Marie Greene, born 1911, died as a child / Marie Still-Birth Greene married Joseph Francis Haverstick, born Xenia, Greene, Ohio; (1910 Census - age 1m, born 1910) They had posterity. Greene was associated with his brother, the late William Harrison Greene, in the operation of the Greene Brothers Poultry House on Cincinnati Ave. - Donna Marie Cox - Colleen Elizabeth Cox - Karen Lynn Cox - Meg Ann Cox; married (1) David Jerome Balistrino Meg Ann Cox married (2) James J.Recent reports are easier to find, but notice how these stretch back in 1981.

And these are just the cases we heard about through the media.You have done it without a touch, without a word, without a sign. Perhaps that is what being a friend means, after all. Baptized June 14th, 1908, by Elder Geo W Bills Confirmed June 14th, 1908, by Elder Geo W Bills; Assisting Elder Raymond Hammond . - Jack / John Harvey Frankum / Trickett; born ; died ; married _____ _____ They had posterity.Hazel Kathleen (Greene) Tinney was born 13 June 1900, Xenia, Greene County, Ohio, USA; [For the record, There is some confusion regarding Hazel's given name]; died , Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA; second marriage, DIRECT DESCENDANT: . (two sons, one daughter) - Bill / William Miller Tricket / Trickett, married (3) Florence Payne - Margaret Lucille / Peg Trickett, born ; (1930 Census - in West Virginia) Lucile / Lucille Alice Whittaker married (2) , Steuben County, Indiana, William F.Specifically, these are cases involving faculty and administrators engaging in sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, stalking, violations of dating policies, violations of campus pornography policies, and similar violations, and where: The year listed below refers to the year in which the sexual harassment occurred, in which it was publicized, there was a university or legal finding of fact, or there was an admission of fact by the accused.UPDATED 3/2/17: Freedom of Information requests are resulting in the release of university investigative reports.Out of the works of my every day, not a reproach, but a song. They were the first ancestors of Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. - Mary Ann Haverstick, born , Columbus, Franklin, Ohio; died , Columbus, Franklin, Ohio; buried - Clara Greene, born 1915, lived about 4 hours. Greene, born Sep 1917, Xenia, Greene County, Ohio; (unty, Ohio Birth Records, Vol. Di Mauro / Dimauro, born , Mahoning County, Ohio He had posterity.