Will demps dating

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He knew the jump from college to the pros would be even greater.

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I'm just taking it all in stride." * Send e-mail to [email protected]

"I'm not hesitating about stuff and hitting the holes." Demps, who also has 16 special-team tackles, makes it sound so simple, and that's the entire thing.

"[Demps] has made so much progress since the beginning of the season," special-teams coordinator Rory Segrest said. He definitely has the breakaway ability, and I think he'll continue to get better.

im dating his hommie from the eagles and i always get the scoop from ear hustling well, as far as i know, he seems to be a nice guy but his baby momma/wife, whatever needs to keep an eye on her new friend yeah, the personal trainers and LV keychains are all just gifts...careful Mrs. I just hope she knows what she's really dealing with....i mean how can she their never in the same place!! Anyways it doesn't really matter we all know things aren't always what they seem!

Quintin is one who definetly keeps his business on the hush that's just the type of guy he is...can be a sweetheart but trust me he's no angel!

And btw I'm speaking from personal experience:-) GET A LIFE! IT'S FUNNY HOW PEOPLE LOVE TO HATE ON OTHER PEOPLE. APPARENTLY YOU ARE NOBODY AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN A NOBODY. Ask him bout his other daughter that he claims to not know anything about!! Babies are no accident parents may be but children are not.

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  Demps average 40 time is 4.32 with a low of 4.24    even if Demps doesn't have the fastest 40 time, he tied the junior Olympics world record 100M dash time with a blazing 10.01.

The Philadelphia Eagles Quintin Demps returns a Baltimore Ravens kickdoff for a touchdown in the second quarter at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, MD on November 23, 2008.

Reply-to:quintin is a disrespectful dog, i know him well!

he was always respectful to me, but the way he treats my girl and his babymom is crazy. So whoever keeps sayin they got a baby by him...need to stop drinkin! I wish him and his "girl" good luck with the new baby!!! plus he had a bunch of kids pixar movies in his DVD collection and a playschool basketball net in his apt lol This site is just too funny!! I see the babymother is on here representing...maybe it's her sister or a friend.

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