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Today's school shooting in KY was at least the 10th school shooting nationwide in 2018, and third in JUST TWO DAYS, according to @Everytown research. Get involved in the movement to end gun violence: V5I In an interview with the BBC’s @Stephen Sackur, @Ashley Judd talks about the #Me Too movement, Weinstein and James Franco. Our fight for the rights of immigrants and #Dreamers is a fight for racial justice, for the end of anti-Blackness & white supremacy.

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Join me - text DANGEROUS to 644-33 to tell your Rep to OPPOSE "Concealed Carry Reciprocity." #Stop CCR Qj HELL YES! If you aren't covered through your job or don't have other health coverage, sign up at .

@ambertamblyn released a collection with @mysisterorg to fight assault, exploitation and trafficking. Check it out here: #Choir Up Ly1n Kdgr Let’s share how Americans can get health insurance.

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Sometimes, the action is more freakshow than actually interesting, but you won’t be able to look away.Watch this video feat @rosariodawson & tell us which side of history you want to be on.#Time4GOP2Choose #CAismyhome @ACLU @Darrell Issa @Rep Ed Royce @Devin Nunes @Rep Paul Cook @Rep Mimi Walters Right now, the NRA and its allies in Congress are pushing through a bill that would force YOUR state to abide by the nation's weakest gun laws.If you are an Indian girl, and you want to participate in an Indian live chat, then try Unlike other websites, has the largest collection of Indian cam girls that anyone can enjoy.There isn’t even a single word or thought balloon (a la comics) to be found anywhere here, which would have at least added some sort of original, inventive touch’at least I thought so.

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    These webcam fetish girls like having eager faces smothered by their very hot pussies.