Dating in ethiopia

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Dating in ethiopia

Ethiopian numbers: Ethiopian numbers are distinguishable from the alphabet on the coin by the lines above and below the symbols used.

After being in Ethiopia for about a week and going into the city several times with my host brother, he offered to show me the nightlife of Addis.

My mind raced for a way to get myself out of this situation, but being alone in a city where you don’t know the language or even how exactly to tell a taxi driver where you live doesn’t leave you with many options.

Three bars later, I still hadn’t come up with a solution.

Example 4: In the case of EE2000 only the number 2 is shown followed by letters to denote thousand. Care must be taken to distinguish between the numbers 8, 20 and 60.

Date calculation (10 8) = 18 x 100 80 9 = EE 1889 = 1897 AD. Date calculation (10 9) = 19 x 100 30 6 = EE 1936 = 1944 AD. Date calculation (10 9) = 19 x 100 60 9 = EE1969 = 1976 AD.

This was a small hiccup in an otherwise amazing month in Ethiopia, but it did teach me two things: don’t be as trusting of Ethiopian men as I was and keep your intimidating male friends with you when you travel in Ethiopia.

It’s unfortunate it has to be this way, but true all the same.

The people are elegant, industrious and have a deep warmth commonly found in African cultures.

Coffee was discovered in Ethiopia and is the largest export crop; the Italian influence in Ethiopia perfected the coffee drink and it continues to be one of the pleasures of Ethiopian culture.

Knowing that my parents would sleep better at night if I was traveling with two male friends of broad and tall stature, I booked my plane ticket to Addis Ababa.

We decided that for the first two weeks, I would stay with a host family in Addis Ababa and volunteer at a local school while my friends visited family in Gambella.

Then we would meet up and travel around the country for the last two weeks of our stay.

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