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Also the emergence of proto-type gothic bands appeared such as Vital Sines, Breeding Ground, National Velvet & the Furies.

Sanctuary originally imposed a gothic dress code to strictly adhere to the gothic fashion aspect of the scene.When it started to gain mass popularity in the Toronto goth scene, many individuals soon equated "Fetish" with "Goth".Similarly pop-culture began to heavily influence the Toronto goths: with Marilyn Manson and Betty Page being perceived by the public as "goth", and the movie The Crow showcasing gothic aesthetics and goth protagonists, more and more Torontonians became interested in being part of the "goth subculture".Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond its mere trivial mention.If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged, redirected, or deleted.Anne Rice, Edgar Allan Poe, Lord Byron, Bram Stoker and other Gothic romanticist authors were extensively read and considered social obligations.

A new, darker vampire fashion became the default definition of Torontonian Goth style.

Some "freaks", notably Death punks and New Romantics, were extremely fashion-conscious, dressing in darker styles modeled on old black-and-white horror films, Morticia Addams, Lily Munster, film noir or ratty New Romantic and glam rock fashions, but maintained a local "freak" identity and a general lack of knowledge of burgeoning UK goth scene.

Some thought of these individuals as "pretentious, vacuous, fashion victims." Although the term "freak" was used generically, many punks disliked being labelled freaks themselves, and considered the term to apply only to others.

Punk got its foothold in venues such as the Horseshoe Tavern, Beverley Hotel, X-Rays & the Black Bull patio (pre-bikers) & changed the area into a bohemian, artistic community (pre-current corporate gentrification).

As early goth was evolving out of the punk scene these new goths found a kindred spirit & sense of community in Queen Street West as well.

In this group were the same individuals who would later become known as "the goths" after 1988.

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