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Armed with a hi-tech impact-absorbing trailer, more flashing lights than a fruit machine and an outsize, illuminated “Keep Right” arrow on the back of the truck, Carl’s job was to drive slowly along the dual carriageway behind workmen installing warning signs and cones, so that engineers could work in safety. I was just getting on the radio to warn the lads when there was a loud thump. I was rammed into the seat and went from 0-56mph in a second.Strapped into the driver’s seat with a safety harness, Carl couldn’t turn around to see what was going on behind but, thanks to a monitor linked to CCTV cameras pointing back down the road, he didn’t really need to. All I could think as the truck shot down the road was that I had to steer into the verge to avoid the lads.” Fortunately for the crew, Carl and the IPV’s automatic braking system did their job. He was taken to hospital suffering from whiplash injuries to his back and neck.

Rather, deposition is interpreted as having occurred within an intracratonic basin, with detritus sourced from erosion of uplifted bedrock to the southeast.At the base of the Kungarra Formation is a gradual transition from alternating units of magnetic green shale and thin units of banded iron-formation that pass upsection to units of non-magnetic shale and ferruginous chert and grey chert, reflecting a gradual loss of iron from the world's oceans accompanying the rise of atmospheric oxygen.A falling stage system is recognised above this transition in the Hardey Syncline area, capped by stromatolitic carbonates and a period of exposure marked by an erosional unconformity and carbonate beachrock.Highways Agency contractor Atkins, Carl’s employer, says it has suffered seven IPV “strikes” in the past three years alone.And Agency figures reveal that the number of fatal accidents involving roadworkers on the UK’s major routes has climbed alarmingly, with careless drivers usually to blame.There was an improvement last year, with no deaths and 14 serious injuries.

“The people who work on our roads are at significant risk,” said Paul Mitchell, the Highways Agency’s head of health and safety. Their safety is something we take very seriously indeed.

In 2005, there were five worker fatalities and 12 major injuries on the Agency’s 4,300-mile network of motorways and trunk roads, more than double the previous year’s figure.

In 2006, there were two fatalities and 20 major injuries followed by no fatalities in 2007, but 15 major injuries.

On day two he swerves into the cones to the horror of nearby roadworkers, and is banned from driving.

On day three he swerves over a roadworker’s foot and goes to prison.

“But due to large volumes of traffic, this can still equate to 150-plus drivers a day putting themselves and others in danger by speeding,” said Paul.