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Thereafter, they practice similar deceptions to avenge civilians who cannot use the legal system to redress their grievances.

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After a series of extremely intricate confidence tricks, the secret project is revealed and carried off, despite the recurrent Sterling.So when TNT said they wanted to get a TV show out of me, I said I wanted to do a throwback type of show. I don’t want to live in a dark world." The show's pilot was filmed on-location in Chicago, with the remainder of the first season set and filmed in Los Angeles.For the second through fourth seasons, the show was primarily set in Boston, but filmed in Portland.Television today tends to be more dry, dark and edgy.I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s not the type of show I was interested in.The team operates free of scrutiny as "Leverage Consulting & Associates", until Nate's former colleague, James Sterling, attempts their capture.

In response, they steal a collection of valuable art from Nate's former boss, Ian Blackpoole, returning it in exchange for Blackpoole being kicked out of his own company, and disband for six months. The team reunite and resume their activities, still followed by Sterling, until Nate surrenders to the latter in exchange for the others' freedom, finally admitting to Sterling and himself that he is a thief.

These flashbacks, which are featured in most episodes, excepting 113, sometimes reveal only in retrospect that an earlier scene was actually a clue to the Leverage team's plan.

More often, the flashbacks reveal new information to which the viewer has not been privy.

Executive producer Dean Devlin announced the fifth season would not only be shot in Portland, but set there, as well.

Shooting, editing, and all post-production work were done digitally, using no physical film or videotape at any point in the process.

Season 4 opens days after the team's return from San Lorenzo, when they discover that someone has been bugging their headquarters, later identified as the wealthy businessman Jack Latimer, who has been profiting by their victories and now offers information on the evildoings of other major corporations, in exchange for profit on each company's downfall.

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