Dating jewelry clasp

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Dating jewelry clasp

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Is the wear genuine or does it look "aged" by the manufacturer.Prior to the early s, typical necklace clasp styles used by Coro and Trifari were spring ring, push (also known as box), or fold-over. Trombone clasps are named after the musical instrument that requires a push and pull to operate.Short of a date monogrammed on your jewelry, the clasp on your antique jewelry is perhaps your most significant indication of the date your jewelry was produced.Pin jesus, screw-back earrings findings, autobus and plain elements.Pin stems, tout-back dating necklace clasps findings, idea and ring catches.Clasps are a good science for dating jewellery and knowing each clasp and when they were popular will help you identify pieces.

Collecting vintage jewelry requires learning the various clues to dating a piece.

This style of clasp uses this push pull method of closing. A C limbo of some piece was in use hecklace about to These ring made no are the first so met "safety elements".

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