Quiet sexy hookups

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Quiet sexy hookups

So, do your best to not get sunburned, and make applying sunscreen a sexy activity.Sun protection be fun and sensual, says Megan Stubbs, a clinical sexologist.

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On the off chance you do get sunburned and have some pure aloe vera on-hand, you can actually use it as lube (it's often an ingredient in packaged lubes, too). If you tend to take the reins when it comes to planning a trip itinerary (e.g.

(Keep in mind that the TSA’s liquid limit is 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters per item, so leave your 55-gallon lube drum behind.) For longer trips, don't forget any necessary chargers.

And remember to pack whatever birth control you rely on at home! Read up on the culture of your destination and the behavior it expects of couples.

(It still counts if no one orgasms, because I'm a sex writer and I say so.)Timing is everything.

Because it's the way it usually goes at home, you may default to initiating sex at night, after dinner and a full day of museum-hopping, jet-skiing, hiking etc.

Stress is your sex life's archenemy, and when you and your partner step away from what stresses you out from day to day (work, empty fridges, dirty dishes, kids, if you've got 'em), you may find yourselves as interested in each other as you are in the sightseeing.

If you prepare for it, vacation sex can be the best kind of sex.

When people think of temperature play, they often think of warm wax or massage oil, but a cold toy can be more appealing when it's sweltering outside — and you likely already have one in your freezer."Ice is a simple and sensual way to incorporate temperature and sensations into your sex life," Good Vibrations product and purchasing manager Coyote Days told us.

"Not only does the ice chill the part of the body it’s touching — nipples, inner thighs, buttocks, stomach, and more — but the ice water it creates can also be a fun."You can also cool a glass dildo by placing it in a bowl of ice water or, if it's made of borosilicate glass, placing it in the freezer (soda-lime glass is more fragile, so stick to ice water if that's what your dildo is made of).

You might enjoy being in charge, and find it soothing, but your partner will appreciate sharing the responsibilities and making Experiment.

If your vacation is in a location with a hot climate, cool down (as you heat things up) with temperature play — meaning: apply low (or high) temperatures to provoke a sensual response.

For example, in some countries, emergency contraception is just as accessible as it is in the United States — but in others, it’s harder to get and/or requires a prescription.