Dating ludwig drums serial

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Dating ludwig drums serial

A future significance in chronologically cataloging a product produced by Ludwig wasn't foreseen.

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When the Chicago plant closed, this badge read “Monroe, NC”, and no longer “Chicago USA”.If you have a Vistalite drum set or snare drum and researching when it was made and how much it is worth. Please ask us any Vistalite Drum questions you might have.Vistalite Drum Sets, Vistalite Snare Drums in a variety of patters.Ludwig classic shells underwent another change in 1988, offering a 4-ply maple shell known as the “Super Classic”.Ludwig Classic Shells underwent another transition in shell design in the 90's.Vistalite Drums is a web site for the history and documentation of Ludwig Vistalite Drums.

Vistalite Drum history and Vistalite Drum catalogs will be online in our articles section.New Blue/Olive badges with rounded lower left and upper right corners (debuting in 1979) came to represent the close of one era, while another came.By 1984, Ludwig Classic shells had a new badge marking the end of Ludwig Chicago era drums.The Ludwig Legacy drums find their framework based on the 3-ply shell formula dating to 1923.Legacy drum shells combine inner and outer 1/16” North American Maple plys, a traditional single 1/8” Poplar core ply, along with 1/4” maple reinforcement rings.The rise in popularity of vintage Ludwig maple/poplar/maple shells of the late 60's/early 70's resulted in its reintroduction as the Legacy Classic series. Shells are made from North American maple using 7-ply construction with cross laminated ply layers and grain rotated 90 degrees between layers for rock solid strength and booming performance.