Gay dating in montgomery

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Gay dating in montgomery

What happened next is somewhat fuzzy: one version has Hudson pulling Clift from the car and Taylor cradling him in her arms, at which point Clift started choking and motioning to his throat, where, it soon became clear, two of his teeth had lodged themselves after coming loose during the accident.Taylor opened his mouth, put her hand down his throat, and pulled out the teeth.

But he was handsome and beguiling on-screen, creating an appetite for confirmation of that same Clift off the screen. .”It was a flimsy speculation built on shaky evidence, but with no sign of any “real” lovemaking in Clift’s life, it was all the fan magazines had. He’s never sucked my cock.” Other testimonies to Clift’s gayness abound: early in his film career, he had purportedly been warned that being gay would ruin him; he was so conscious of being seen as feminine or fey in any way that when he ad-libbed a line in calling a boy “dear,” he insisted that director Fred Zinnemann reshoot the take.

In his words, “I learned that most writers don’t need interviews to write about me.

They seem to have their stories all written out beforehand.”Clift’s private life was boring—he didn’t date, he didn’t flirt, he didn’t hang out in public.

It was unheard of, especially for a young star, but it was a seller’s market.

If Paramount wanted him, they’d have to give him what he wanted—a power differential that would go on to structure the star-studio relationship for the next 40 years.

But after an initial flurry of coverage, he retreated from public view entirely.

Months of surgeries, rebuilding, and physical therapy followed.

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Moments after the accident, actor Kevin Mc Carthy, driving in front of Clift, ran back to check on him, seeing that “his face was torn away—a bloody pulp.

I thought he was dead.” Mc Carthy ran to fetch Taylor, Wilding, and Rock Hudson and Hudson’s wife, Phyllis Gates, who all raced to the site of the accident.

Clift was unperturbed by his apparent lack of a love life: he told the press that he would get married when he met a girl he wanted to marry; in the meantime, he was “playing the field.” When another columnist asked him if he had any hobbies, he replied, “Yes, women.” But as the years passed, it became more and more clear that Clift wasn’t just picky. Unlike Rock Hudson, whose affairs were very nearly exposed to the entire nation by ; both times he lost to older actors (Humphrey Bogart and William Holden, respectively), and established his reputation, alongside Marlon Brando and James Dean, as a young outsider whose talent intimidated Hollywood. The script wasn’t necessarily that special, but it would give him a chance to re-unite with Elizabeth Taylor, and that, it seemed, was enough to pull him out of semi-retirement.

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