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Honeymoon stage of dating - eric balfour dating

Speaking of honeymoons, Mc Clure is currently earning rave reviews as the hapless groom-to-be Jack Singer in the new Broadway musical Honeymoon in Vegas, while Lakis, who starred in the John Doyle-directed Allegro at CSC this past fall, is preparing for a production of Duncan Sheik's new Broadway-bound musical Because of Winn Dixie at the Delaware Theatre this spring. ML: I just realized that he was a catch and other girls were eyeing him. " She had just done a puppet show at the Arden Theatre Company in Philadelphia and was really good at it, so she sent in her stuff, and without them knowing that we were together we both booked it. RM: We have so many amazing ones, but the Pacific Northwest was really beautiful. We both love fishing, so on my birthday Maggie surprised me and we went out to Bainbridge Island off the coast of Seattle and went fishing. It's like this little turd of a thing — it's so cute. RM: I had the sound designer hit John Williams' flight music, and she cried. ML: He said I screamed and I didn't believe him, so he showed me the video tape, and I did scream. We have a house that we own in Philadelphia and we have a friend that lives there so it's not empty when we're not there.Before a recent Friday night performance of Honeymoon in Vegas, the couple is hanging out in Mc Clure's dressing room at the Nederlander Theatre where they talk about splitting their time between Philadelphia and New York, going on the Avenue Q tour together with two cats and learning life lessons from Mc Clure's Honeymoon costar Tony Danza. It was at this place called the Lenape Performing Arts Center in Marlton New Jersey back in '05. ML: We played opposite each other, so we started out as friends. I did say, "I'm not going to tell you to become single, but if you were single, I'm in," and there it went. There were bald eagles flying around — that was a specifically fantastic memory. When we played Philadelphia, which is sort of central to both of our families, we had 85 friends and family come to see the show that night and they all were coming to an engagement party after the show that Maggie didn't know about. We were lucky this fall when we were both working in New York.

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How long were you dating before you went on the Avenue Q tour together? We don't want to be that couple that's like, "We're a package deal."RM: That's not in our contract.

RM: I never would have predicted that we'd have so much fun doing Avenue Q in the Bible Belt. RM: When we were doing Avenue Q we would actually commute everyday — it's a totally feasible thing on the Amtrak train. Right now we can't wait for "Game of Thrones" to come back. Rob, has Tony Danza ever give you any marriage advice? Backstage he got a little misty eyed during intermission and he said, "I had a son really early on, and I was worried about how that was all going to pan out. It could be a "Law and Order" marathon on the couch or it could be dinner or a show. ML: I also like to cook for him, and I always try to have something waiting for him when he comes home when I'm available. RM: Her mom makes this amazing chicken pot pie recipe that she can recreate, and that's pretty darn good.

We're lucky that we've gotten the chance a few times and we've always enjoyed it, but you can't only take jobs where you can be together.

They were joined by Louise's brother David and one of his friends.

After a bottle of Veuve Clicquot on the patio, the group ventured inside for dinner.

Style-conscious Louise battled the wind and rain in Christian Louboutin pumps, a pair of leather trousers and a colorful Dolce & Gabanna blouse.

She added an oversized Chanel handbag, bringing the cost of her outfit up to around ,000.

Unlike Rob's newlywed character Jack in Honeymoon, you guys have been married for over five years. ML: We actually met doing a production of Grease in New Jersey. I actually had a boyfriend at the time — a very serious boyfriend — but it had kind of run its course. ML: I hadn't been to the deep South before, and I loved it. RM: Well, like I said we're both big nerds, and Maggie is obsessed with "E. I had left a Reese's Pieces trail from Maggie's dressing room to the stage where the little turd E. We got an apartment here and that was really nice to have time together.

I knew that Rob had a crush on me, because he would say things like, "If you were single I would marry you," so I invited him to dinner one night and said, "I feel like there's something here and I could maybe make a change in my life, but I just want to check and make sure I'm not imagining things." He said, "I'm not going to tell you what to do, but know that I'm very interested." So I made myself available. I realized that if I lived down there I'd be 500 pounds, because they know how to eat. T." — to the point where she can't watch it without crying. ML: I haven't seen it since I was a child because I start crying from the moment they leave him behind. My show [Allegro at the CSC] closed, at the end of December and now I'm just splitting my time between Philadelphia and here to be a support system for him. Just last night his son and his two grandchildren came to see the show for the first time.

When you're both in shows or when Maggie is in Philly, how do you make sure you have some husband and wife time? Maggie you're going to be staying at your home in Philly full-time when you are starring in Because of Winn Dixie at the Delaware Theatre Company this spring and Rob you'll still be in New York. We've been able to spend so much time together, but it's actually more the norm for us to be somewhat separated and seeing each other once or twice a week, so we'll make it work. RM: I think it's ridiculous when people say, "I don't date actors." It's about the right person and no matter what that right person does for a profession they're still going to be the right person.

RM: We try to keep the day off as sacred as we can and then when we both get home from the show there's always unwinding time. Most nights at 1 AM you can find us shooting zombies, or watching "Game of Thrones" or "Lost" reruns. ML: Yes, I actually introduced him to it because I lived with a friend and I said, "Once a week you're either not going to see me or you can join us and watch it." It's like I made him a drug addict. He's become even more fanatical about it then I was. RM: It's the crazy life you sign up for and if you're not OK with the apart time then you're asking one or the other to give up on their own ambitions, and I don't think that's fair. There are level headed actors and outlandish actors and financially responsible actors and financially irresponsible actors…ML: For awhile I had been one of those people who didn't date other actors because I didn't like my world being so small and being about one thing, but it became difficult.

On Saturday, she joined her brother for a run around a local park.

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