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Travelers eat and sleep onboard the ship, and make one or two landings on the continent per day.Activities may include hiking up snowy mountains, kayaking among seals and floating ice, camping overnight, ice-cruising on smaller boats, and visiting research stations.

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They might imagine white-sand beaches and oceanfront cabanas in Mexico or Southeast Asia, winetasting under the Tuscan — or Andalusian or Burgundian — sun in a vineyard in Europe, or learning to salsa or tango on a sultry summer night in South America.

Lower budget cruises, such as those offered by Hurtigruten and Quark, range from ,000 to ,000 for a two-week trip, but things like alcoholic drinks, wifi access, and activities like kayaking and camping, may cost quite a bit extra.

Silversea cruises of around the same length of time range from ,000 to ,000 but include all-suite accommodations with butler service, free wifi, and all drinks.

A trip to Antarctica is a trip to one of the last truly off-the-beaten-path places on earth.

It's a bucket-list trip perfect for adventurers, explorers, wildlife lovers — and those who prefer the temperature a bit on the chilly side.

Don't expect to be able to do much more than some basic emailing or uploading the occasional penguin selfie to Instagram.

Better yet, plan to unplug for the majority of the trip.You'll need to visit as part of an expedition cruise, such as those offered by Hurtigruten, Quark, and National Geographic.Cruises operate from November to March, which is summer in South America and Antarctica.You'll also get up close with animals like penguins, which can be found in abundance and seem to have no fear of humans, as well as birds, seals, and even whales.Romance is what you make it Watching whales breach right outside your window, or camping under an Antarctic twilight are certainly romantic experiences, but most people wouldn't consider this a romantic trip in the traditional sense; candlelit dinners for two won't be on the itinerary, but soaking in a hot tub with a view of calving ice shelves could be.Amenities can vary quite a bit by line and some offer much more for the price than others.

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