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A good description gives the user enough information to evaluate the HIT before accepting it.Type: String The data the person completing the HIT uses to produce the results.

If the HIT is still active (that is, its lifetime has not elapsed), the assignment becomes available for other users to find and accept.

Results are sorted and divided into numbered pages and the operation returns a single page of results.

You can use the parameters of the operation to control sorting and pagination.

It is not shown to the Worker, or any other Requester.

The Requester Annotation parameter may be different for each HIT you submit. Type: String Constraints: must not be longer than 255 characters in length. Allows you to retry the call on error without creating duplicate HITs.

You can get assignments for a HIT at any time, even if the HIT is not yet Reviewable.

If a HIT requested multiple assignments, and has received some results but has not yet become Reviewable, you can still retrieve the partial results with this operation.Type: Integer An amount of time, in seconds, after which the HIT is no longer available for users to accept.After the lifetime of the HIT elapses, the HIT no longer appears in HIT searches, even if not all of the assignments for the HIT have been accepted. The Requester Annotation parameter lets your application attach arbitrary data to the HIT for tracking purposes.For example, this parameter could be an identifier internal to the Requester's application that corresponds with the HIT.The Requester Annotation parameter for a HIT is only visible to the Requester who created the HIT.You can also call this operation on assignments that were previous rejected and approve them by over-riding the previous rejection.

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