Wpf status bar text not updating

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Introduction This article describes the use a Status Bar.

Although it is possible to modify the style of a Separator, you can use the Standard Style.

A status bar is usually a thin, horizontal strip at the bottom of a window. For more complex programs,the status bar may be split into many sections containing text, glyphs, progress bars and interactive controls.

Background Here I have used Status Bar Control to add a status bar to an application.

This is all a bit cumbersome, but not when you use the Background Worker.

When performing a task on a different thread, you usually have to communicate with the rest of the application in two situations: When you want to update it to show how far you are in the process, and then of course when the task is done and you want to show the result.

Once loaded, replace the XAML in the main window with the code below: Step 1 The Dock Panel is included to allow the Status Bar to be docked to the bottom of the screen as in the following: Step 2 Add a control to the Status Bar.

A common use of a status bar is to show the progress of a task with a progress bar.The solution to all of this is the use of multiple threads, and while C# makes this quite easy to do, multi-threading comes with a LOT of pitfalls, and for a lot of people, they are just not that comprehensible.This is where the Background Worker comes into play - it makes it simple, easy and fast to work with an extra thread in your application.You will often see status bars with sections separated by a vertical line with a standard style.A Label Control is included here to be shown on the Top-Left of the Screen showing the title of the application.You could dock the Status Bar in other positions or use an alternative layout control.