Pinay dating singapore

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However, time and distance managed to get the best of us and our long-term aspirations.

We had fun planning our trips as it brought out the obsessive-compulsiveness in us.I hated it when he spent hours playing Dota and watching Dota videos on You Tube, and he despised it whenever I checked my Instagram or Facebook account every now and then.He would get very fussy every time he had to wait for me at the airport for more than 15 minutes, but he would just annoyingly smile at me whenever I had to wait for him for more than an hour at the bus station.I made numerous attempts to get a job in Singapore, but I was never given a single opportunity.Hence, I decided to stay in Malaysia for another two years—and this changed his outlook.His pragmatic and critical thinking would often clash with my idealistic and emotional thoughts, but we always tried to strike a balance.

I was able to add some feelings to his once heartless views, as he was able to sprinkle his no-nonsense attitude on my carefree thoughts. His intellectual perspectives and my emotional instincts blended well and made us accomplish our short-term goals.We would spend our usual weeknight chat on Skype with him chiding me for my lack of determination, for my poor decision-making skills, for being content with my life in Malaysia, for being a slacker, and, worst, for being a carefree Filipino. My just leaving the conversation always pissed off the kiasu (afraid of losing out, or always wanting the upper hand) in him.In the end, I decided to be fair to him and let him go.Of course, that was just the start of our romantic adventure.In the following weeks he would travel to and from Malaysia.Traveling for him is not such a big deal, as it is in his veins.