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If there is time, and no underground shelter or basement nearby, get into your vehicle and drive away from the tornado at right angles.

I'm waiting for someone in Congress to step up and surprise us all by doing the right thing, and enacting legislation to make this a LAW.

Had the Arlington tornado tracked just 19 miles farther east it would have struck downtown Dallas. They're much harder to track (more hills and haze; highways that make chasing tornadoes all but impossible). Doppler radar can pinpoint spinning "supercells" most likely to spawn a tornado. Even today there's still no way to tell -- with consistent accuracy -- whether a spinning storm will go on to spark a minimal EF-0 twister (60-70 mph winds, capable of light damage), or a mile-wide "wedge", an EF-5 super-tornado. "CMU, concrete masonry unit construction (hollow cinder blocks), fails quickly during a tornado" Marshall explained.

A convergence of meteorological and socioeconomic trends has left America more vulnerable to a catastrophic tornado; a single long-lasting tornado hitting a major urban center -- potentially putting thousands of lives at risk. 2011 brought six EF-5 tornadoes, as big and violent as they get. Many homeowners don't have safe, underground options. The National Weather Service does a remarkable job, but their mandate is to spot and warn for every tornado. But 70-85% of rotating storms and subsequent tornado warnings wind up being false alarms, interrupting TV shows, irritating Americans watching "The Voice" and "60 Minutes." Viewers glaze over and tune out. Most homes away from the coast are simply not designed to withstand a moderate or severe tornado.

Nearly 90% of tornado deaths and injuries result from blunt head trauma.

That's why you want to get below grade, in a basement, if possible, to avoid a violent blender of hurtling debris. I know it sounds a little crazy, but anecdotal evidence suggests padded helmets can greatly lower the risk of blunt head trauma.

They don't take it seriously" he said to an audience of 200 meteorologists. They were never meant to be heard indoors; yet too many people still rely on them. He relies on a network of tweets, webcams and live streams from chasers, so he can point to a screen and say "HERE is the tornado. It affected him deeply, and thousands of people from Alabama to Ohio are walking wounded, some injured, many unable to focus or sleep, exhibiting PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) symptoms usually reserved for returning war veterans. A staggering 208 tornadoes touched down on April 27, 2011, 16 in one Alabama county alone -- a staggering 358 tornadoes between April 25-28. The larger the hail, the stronger the updraft necessary to keep those icy stones suspended in midair. Have one at home, the office and every school & nursing home. Across most of Tornado Alley and Dixie Alley professional TV meteorologists will interrupt regular programming when there's a significant tornado threat. Live radar gives you a real-time view of what's happening near ground level. It's not a bad idea to start every day by clicking over to NOAA's Storm Prediction Center, SPC.

His meticulous attention to detail probably saved hundreds of lives during last April's Alabama tornado swarm, now thought to be the biggest in U. In spite of Doppler and TV stations going "wall to wall." Why did 346 people die? The entire network of NOAA Dopplers is being upgraded to "dual polarization" capabilities, which may allow meteorologists to see the actual "debris ball" (the pieces of wood, dirt, buildings, cars etc.) being kicked up into the air by a tornado on the ground. At a glance you can see if there's a slight, moderate or high threat of tornadoes.With location services turned on, your phone knows where you are, allowing you to be alerted the instant a warning is issued for your GPS location.Favorite apps include Radar Scope, i Map Weather Radio, My-Cast Weather Radar and PYKL3 (Android). I placed sirens at the bottom of my list for a reason.Avoid windows, and large rooms, like auditoriums and gymnasiums.More tips for school administrators from NOAA here. How is it possible we don't have laws mandating tornado shelters in every mobile home residence in America?Many were trapped in mobile homes, others relied on the sirens -- some never got the word, others ignored the warnings. There are tell-tale signs that often precede a major outbreak. You need a (mutating) thunderstorm, one that's spinning violently. A spinning, lowering cloud base at the rear flank of a storm is called a "wall cloud", the focus of violently-rising air. This breakthrough, over time, should lead to fewer false alarms. A "Slight Risk" means a small chance of small, brief tornadoes.