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Men made up about 20% of the class with less than half as gay imho.The straight men were mostly hipsters looking to score.[quote]flag: [ww] [ff] [troll-dar] Men pump iron or run in triathalons.

However, when I questioned him about it, I realized my bag was in fact . Remembering that the door to our hostel wasn’t working quite right, we put it together that someone must have entered the room, looked around a bit, then settled upon taking my backpack.

Is this a story with a lot of dramatic ups and downs? In addition, the room was a bit moldy and our door didn’t shut properly. On Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early to go on a tour to the Cliffs of Moher.

We made jokes with the Customs officer at the airport. We then headed to the Guinness Storehouse for a tour and had an absolutely marvelous time. Which is fine, it’s just not what we expected from a youth hostel. I’m getting ahead of myself though, we will get back to this part of the story later.

We also have stretching classes which are Pilates like. I don't think any of the guys would ever go to a generic yoga class because the perception is that it's for chicks and would be too easy.

Pity because all men need more flexibility training just as women need to get off the eliptical and do strength training. There are so many 'women only' groups for all sorts of things like yoga.

Women are much more flexible than men anyway and its hard to keep up. So just like jiu jitsu class it's always 10-12 men (all straight except me) and 1-2 women.

I'd like to find a men's group again (clothed or not) or at least a place that is more welcoming. It's a godsend and none of us are getting injured as much since we started.

I miss it and want to get into it again but I hate to admit I feel intimidated by women who do yoga and the studios seem to be about 90% female.

So many yoga chicks seem so strident, so humorless, so cliquey and it makes me uncomfortable.

Last week I went to a very 'trendy' yoga place in London (for reasons other than yoga) and observed that the whole place was 90% women and 10% gay men and this was on a Saturday afternoon.(OMG, I just googled the place to post a link and look what/who came up!

)I do yoga pretty regularly and there are typically about 20-25 people in the class. Most of the time, only the instructor and myself are the only gay guys in the room.

The American embassy would not be open until Monday morning and I had a test scheduled in London for Monday morning. They again told me to come back in the morning to talk to the manager of the hostel.