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You see it in teens who want to be treated like independent adults, but are still dependent on mom and dad for food, shelter, etc.The telltale sign of hostile dependency is the anger it generates, in both the dependent person and the person depended upon.

On Friday the student was charged with a computer crime and voyeurism Eubanks, interim superintendent of the Union Schools District, hit out at Arthur, accusing her of lying, saying; 'It is my understanding that one student has been charged with the crime of transmitting pornographic material using electronic media.

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Childhood Development During adolescence, parents help teens individuate into autonomous, responsible adults.

These are essential developmental milestones that many HCP (high-conflict) and abusive personality disordered individuals (histrionic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, etc.) fail to achieve at the age appropriate time.

'The exact charges have not been provided to the school district by local police who have been involved with this incident from the start.

The student will now also face possible expulsion from the school District.'Ms.

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