Updating feisty fawn

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I would also like to give credit to the author of this web page ( for providing additional information on fixing a bug with Kohan.In addition, I extend my sincere thanks to the fine folks at Tux Games ( for providing a stable resource for the Loki patches.

: Browse the settings to see if there's something you'd like to change. AVG will then try to download the latest updates from the internet.

CD-ROM drivers cannot be handled by this process, since there is no way to load the updated drivers from CD.

If this becomes an issue for a particular vendor, we may be able to help them produce remastered versions of Ubuntu including their driver.

However, it is possible to handle the situation by means of special cases in ).

If driver packages providing the same virtual packages are installable, it will mark them for installation.

”, and a release where it brown would at least quiet that sentiment for around 6 months.

As for the update: I’m currently running Feisty on my laptop, so I’m updating to the stable release of it.

Before we proceed with installing Kohan, make sure your system is up-to-date and that your video drivers are correctly installed.

First, insert the Kohan disc into your optical drive.

There is no way to express this in terms of standard package relationship fields in such a way that it will be enforced by (for instance, the kernel cannot depend on the updated driver because the driver package is not part of Ubuntu and should not be installed on all Ubuntu systems).

The metapackage specified above may help in some situations, but is not sufficient.

Now you need to upgraded Ubuntu Edgy Machine to Ubuntu Feisty.

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