Children coping with divorced parents dating

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At the same time, if your parents' divorce comes as a relief or freeing — for you and for them — it's not your job to hide that, either.Neuman recommends using their split as an opportunity, welcome or not, to re-evaluate how you want to make some of your own adult choices going forward.

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Others feel guilt or anger from suspicions that their parents stayed together for the kids' "benefit."But even as the so-called "gray divorce" becomes more common — Bowling Green State University professors studying later-life splits found that the divorce rate among people 50 and older more than doubled between 19 — there is not much guidance for adult kids navigating a complicated situation.Talk it through with friends or, if necessary, a therapist, and seek blogs and chat rooms where adult children compare experiences — a reassuring activity to help you understand that you're not alone.Nothing tested me more in my adult life than my parents' divorce. I had moved out of my childhood home to attend college several years before.Not helping are the statistics stating children of divorce are more likely to end up divorced themselves.Stop comparing your own relationship(s) to your parents'."Because children of divorce can have difficulty recognizing what love looks like, they are more likely to pick the wrong partner if they don't examine these traits."Put the past in perspective.

Adult children of divorce find themselves re-evaluating their childhood memories in a way younger kids don't.There was the realization that home would never be the same.I'd had what I thought was a perfect childhood—Sunday drives to clam bars, picnics on the beach.Here is some advice for an adult child who has just received the news: Embrace healthy boundaries.If divorcing parents of younger children do it right, they shield the kids from a lot of the nitty-gritty, as they should.If someone became your relative through your parents' marriage and you want to keep the relationship, do so, said M.

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