Updating airport

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Updating airport

The MAA is not liable for damage or problems translated content not sanctioned and approved by the official agency.

Google Translate offers as an online tool for its users, but does not directly support the MAA family of websites or imply that it is the only solution for users.The Authority undertook the Master Plan Update to account for numerous changes that have taken place at the Airport, in the aviation industry, and in the Coastal Virginia region since completion of the Airport’s 1995 Master Plan Update.These changes include the Authority’s completion of several major Airport development projects—including the expanded parking garage and the new arrivals terminal.Apple has already released security updates to other devices earlier this year to protect them from the KRACK vulnerability, so it only makes sense that Air Port firmware would follow suit. Share your experiences (and any questions you might have about installing the update) with us in the comments!If you're a die-hard Air Port fan, don't misconstrue this update as a a possible hint, however — Apple supposedly dissolved the Air Port team and ceased development of Air Port wireless routers back in 2016, so it's extremely unlikely that we'll get any announcements for new Air Port-centric products in the future, even though the firmware for the older models is getting an upgrade. The Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA) provides translations of content through Google translator.

Because Google Translate is an external website, the MAA does not control the quality and accuracy of translated content.

According to Apple support documents posted for both the 7.7.9 and 7.6.9 versions of the update, it addresses multiple issues, including the KRACK vulnerabilities that affected many Wi-Fi enabled devices earlier this year.

The KRACK vulnerability essentially allowed attackers to bypass WPA2 network security to steal unencrypted data like passwords, usernames, credit card numbers, and other personal information from anybody using a Wi-Fi enabled device.

The Norfolk International Airport Master Plan was most recently updated in December 2008 and is intended to provide the Authority with a plan that identifies necessary capital improvements.

The current update includes projects that will extend the useful life and value of the Airport to meet the air transportation needs of the Coastal Virginia region through 2024.

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