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A friend was invited to a party by a guy he was ‘friend with benefits’ with, only to be introduced to the guy’s new boyfriend. If things between the two of you begin to get a bit more serious to a level where you’re not comfortable with, perhaps it’s time to have a discussion with them and tell them you ‘need to hit the pause’ button for a while.

If the other person breaks this trust and respect in any way it’s time to look after yourself and yourself only.

This week's dilemma: Max, single and 30, has the occasional girlfriend and once wanted to get married but it didn't work out.

He now spends lots of time with a single woman friend, who's suggested they have sex - just sex, nothing more.

What once was ignoring someone’s phone calls and creepy house drive-bys has turned into ignoring their Facebook and text messages, sub tweets and snapchats.

Basically, if you want to cut ties completely and brutally, ghosting is the way to go.

If you have found someone else or things are just fizzling out, let them know gently.

If you chose the latter, below find some suggestions on how to take care of business: Yes, this has happened.

He quite fancies her, but doesn't love her and worries it might destroy the friendship VIRGINIA'S ADVICE Some men try to persuade women into bed by telling them they love them, and that sex will add a new dimension to their relationship.

Some women persuade men into bed by saying that sex is just nothing, and it will simply be a pleasurable but meaningless experience. The men usually want a pleasurable but meaningless experience, and the women want a deeper relationship.

Check your heart: Do you want a partner and are just settling for someone else who just wants to fool around because the sex is good?

Are you OK knowing that this partner doesn’t have to be at your beck and call, even after you’ve had a few glasses of wine?

It screams, ‘I am a wuss and can’t tell you I want to end this’.

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    Some of those relationships lasted only a few months before engagement and then marriage.