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Include the 3 audition times that would be best for you in order of preference. Audition Requirements: Prepare a short monologue and Broadway-style song. 5-9pm each night Costumes: Lab coats and Master costume will be provided. Email Kendra Pierce at [email protected] Theatre Of the Palouse Located in Pullman WA Call 509.334.0750 to schedule audition.Be prepared to do cold readings and improv exercises. Needing to cast OLD MAN PARKER in our production of A Christmas Story, The Musical. 2-12 DATE: Wednesday, 8/30/2017, 9 am- 5 pm, Need audience members for a guitar instructional video You will be the 'students' (people acting as students) in the video.

This helps us continue to be featured in New & Noteworthy so that more people can find us.And, finally she is the creator of the award winning comedy webseries “Dating In The Middle Ages,” starring Deidre Hall, Matthew Ashford and John Schneider.Devin has been in the webseries industry since 2009 and speaks on panels about “How to create and market webseries.” Thank you so much for listening.The sensitivity of the predicted Suess Effects to uncertainties in the assigned values of the model parameters is investigated in detail, including estimates of some of the effects of linearizing the governing equations.The approximation of Stuiver, in which the atmospheric Suess Effect is assumed to be 0.018 times the corresponding effect for C, is examined in detail and shown to arise when both isotopic fractionation and radioactive decay are left out of the model." CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW OUR JOURNEY WITH OUR REHEARSAL PICS SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 POMONA, CA 2013 Joshua choreographs Season 2 of DATING IN THE MIDDLE AGES March 19, 2014 Joshua directs BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, A New Play by Gregory V. North Hollywood, CA 91601 (just east of Lankershim Blvd) Breakdown of the show information Reviews of the show Clips from the original short presentation of the show Joshua's You Tube Channel November 2-November 16, 2013 Hollywood Revisited on Crystal Cruises Film and Theater Cruise V3228 NYC to Miami and the Carribean Joshua directs, choreographs and stars in the astounding review Hollywood Revisited adding in celebrity guests and singing stars on Crystal Cruises' Film and Theater Cruise from Los Angeles to Honolulu aboard the Crystal Symphony.

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C in any reservoir of the carbon cycle owing to anthropogenic activities.

To explain this generalized Suess Effect a four reservoir global model of the natural carbon cycle is developed in which isotopic fractionation and radioactive decay are fully taken into account.

This approximation, although correct as to order of magnitude, is found to be too imprecise to be recommended in modeling studies.

As found in previous work, the predicted atmospheric Suess Effect for is of similar magnitude whether the land biosphere has been a net source or sink of carbon during recent times.

The model includes the cases in which the deep ocean is treated either as a single undifferentiated box model reservoir or is vertically differentiated with eddy diffusion governing the transport of carbon.