Consolidating to one

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As a co-sponsor of last night’s gubernatorial debate, NJ Spotlight won the chance to ask one question of candidates Phil Murphy and Kim Guadagno.

When stress is removed from a consolidated soil, the soil will rebound, regaining some of the volume it had lost in the consolidation process.

The "over-consolidation ratio" (OCR) is defined as the highest stress experienced divided by the current stress.

A soil that is currently experiencing its highest stress is said to be "normally consolidated" and has an OCR of one.

You (Guadagno) have been there, I’m trying to get there.

Consolidation is a process by which soils decrease in volume.

You could either force it or do it by agreement, I’m sure we could save a lot of money.” “I think we should demand that school districts do it, and not just school districts but any public services.

Townships should consolidate, police departments, fire departments should consolidate, any time we can streamline government, we should do it and we should do it now.” “The reality is that we are the most or among the most segregated states in the nation.

The magnitude of consolidation can be predicted by many different methods.

In the Classical Method, developed by Terzaghi, soils are tested with an oedometer test to determine their compression index.

It occurs when stress is applied to a soil that causes the soil particles to pack together more tightly.

When this occurs in a soil that is saturated with water, water will be squeezed out of the soil.

In this system, the spring represents the compressibility or the structure of the soil itself, and the water which fills the container represents the pore water in the soil.