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Even the man or woman with the hardest exterior may be gooey inside and fragile like an egg.

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Three months after the site launched, co-founder Stephen Stokols told me that the site was running about 1,000 video sessions between users (read our past coverage for more on how Woo Me works).Would you pay a dollar for the email address of someone you met online and have the hots for?It's an online hook-up instigator in which you sign up with your picture and location and then join 'sessions.' These are scheduled web-events in which you interface with each participant via webcam for one whole minute, and then decide which ones you found attractive.How much can you really get to know a person in five minutes or less?Speed-Dating is an indie flick and winner of the "Audience Favorite Award Narrative" at the 2010 Pan African Film & Arts Festival.Am looking for someone who i can be friends to start with and see how things go.

Close to where my friends live and convenient for going out in London.One whisper I’ve heard is that Woo Me attracts new users easily, but has had trouble user retention, despite some high-profile media appearances, including the BBC and Fox’s Morning Show.Woo Me has its offices split between San Francisco, Los Angeles and London.Turns out we have similar concerns about our mothers and their after care.It was a really insightful conversation, which took about three or so minutes, but none of this came up when we gave our speed dating spiels.It uses Mega Fon's radio access network but a separate switching and billing system.

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    "They tooke Pocahuntis (Powhatans dearest daughter) prisoner, a matter of good consequence to them, of best to her, by this meanes being come a Christian, & married to Master Rolfe, an English Gentleman." The Indians concealed her real name of 10 (1902): 134-38.