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You are investing in your future here and educating yourself. People with BPD already have a lot of difficulty controlling their emotions.But it isn’t your job to control them or tell them how to behave or rescue them from their issues.

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They only say things that they think she wants to hear. You try to be affectionate and show that you care, but this backfires as well. These reasons are why men become weak and constantly live in a state of fear during the relationship.

Being a master of your own emotions enables you to control your reactions and respond correctly when shit hits the fan.

It can also allow you to I want you to really spend the time to think about these questions.

I just wrote a free guide that’s all about the #1 mistake men and women make which causes your BPD partner to push you away, resent you and ultimately leave you.

Download it here: Once you go through the lessons in this article, check your email and go through that guide.

All of what I teach is around the development of good, healthy relationship mindsets.

And the healthiest mindset you can have for a marriage is knowing that we all have flaws and no one is perfect – especially your partner. Throwing around labels such as BPD isn’t helping your situation.

Either they lack the correct communication skills, they’re reactive and emotional, they don’t actually listen to what their partner says, they say the wrong things, etc.

and it’s actually the client making mistakes that pushes away their partner.

It’s definitely an issue in our society that needs work and adjustment.

I’m of the belief that ending a marriage is sometimes a better decision than toughing it out especially if you have children involved.

They’re going to say a lot of things, they’re going to rage, they irrational.

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