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The prevalence of overweight among Swedish young adults has nearly doubled since the 1980s.

In 2013 it was estimated that nearly all 16–24 year old Swedes used computers, and 83 % did so on a daily basis [].Young adulthood is a key age to develop and maintain healthy behaviors, as for example overweight in youth tends to follow into adulthood [The study design was a prospective cohort study of young adults, with measurements at baseline and after 1 and 5 years.The study was approved by the Regional Ethics Review Board in Gothenburg, Sweden (Registry numbers 191–05 and 876–11).A cohort of Swedish young adults aged 20–24 years was recruited in 2007.Twenty thousand persons who were born in the years 1983–1987, 50 % of each sex, were randomly selected from the registry of the total Swedish population (held by the Swedish Tax Agency), and were sent a survey questionnaire containing questions about health, work- and leisure-related exposure factors, demographic factors and lifestyle factors [].There seem to be relatively few studies on the effects of computer use in adult populations.

A systematic review of factors associated with sedentary behaviors [] showed some evidence that screen time, mainly television viewing is related to BMI, even in adults.An additional four individuals were excluded due to implausible values in height, leaving 2662 men and 4073 women at baseline (Fig.= 5433) were asked by post to respond to an identical web-questionnaire.Only those with data on self-reported height and weight, i.e.with data to calculate body mass index (BMI), were included in the current study.In 2012, a 5-year follow-up was conducted with an almost identical web-questionnaire.

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