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On the Bear Family Jim Reeves 16 CD boxed set you'll find the song "Near The Cross", a song which is very well suited to be listened to today. We are happy to announce that indeed it can be obtained on DVD. The website contains some interesting pages on the history of that show, and a video of a press conference in Nashville, with Jimmy Dean's widow, two persons who were responsible for the restoration project, and Bill Anderson.

Due to Pat's selections, Jims records not only frequently entered the charts in Britain, but also in the rest of Europe. One could pick KIMN hit Pade surveys at Downtown Woolworth, Villa Music, Woolco, or anywhere fine 45's were sold.Issue # 149 of the fan club magazine has been put on the mail yesterday.The magazine features articles about the 60th anniversary of the release of the song "Four Walls", the 1958 Cancer Crusade episode of the ABN THE JIM REEVES SHOW, aired after the regular live program had been cancelled, and about the release of a 4 DVD set of "THE JIMMY DEAN SHOW" and the episode in which Jim Reeves performed a few weeks before his death.Extra Gold Radio will start broadcasting a weekly Jim Reeves program.The program will have a mixture of songs in logical USA LP order, a tribute, live recordings, overdubbed songs, promo songs, interviews, commercials etc.In the collection of Dominique Anglares we found two KIMO Radio Hitparades from January 1956 .

Each of them featured a different Jim Reeves recording.Vocal accompaniment by The Jordanaires and The Nashville Edition. JOEY KENT LAUNCHED A CAMPAIGN TO CONNECT HIM WITH POTENTIAL PUBLISHERS FOR HIS BOOK "CRADLE OF T HE STARS", A STORY ABOUT KWKH & THE LOUISIANA HAYRIDE, WHICH WILL INCLUDE PICTURES AND STORIES ABOUT JIM REEVES TOO.Today is Good Friday, we remember that the Lord died on Good Friday in order to resurrect on the third day, Easter Sunday. Several Jim Reeves fans enquiered if the "Jimmy Dean Show" episode with Jim Reeves could be purchased on DVD.He'd joined "The Wagonmasters" on January 27, 1957.On February 5, 1959 Billy played bass on the recording session which produced "If Heartache is the Fashion" , and "Home".In 1974 Alex Zanetis produced and directed the double LP album "The Carpenter's Son" on the RCA label, (RCA CPL2-0419).