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Don’t leave such an important matter to chance, and don’t think that you can adequately handle it yourself.A qualified attorney, experienced in DUI matters, is your best assistance in navigating the courtroom when your trial goes to court.

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You have the presumption of innocence, like in all other criminal charges, and your attorney will work to protect your rights.We realize the seriousness of being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances.Our goal is to help those accused of these types of criminal offenses avoid harsh punishment.The penalties you may face include jail time, significant fines, and the loss of your driving privilege.You have constitutional rights, and those rights must be protected.With stakes this high, it’s important that you hire a DUI lawyer who may help you save your driver’s license and get your drunk driving charge reduced or even dismissed.

Our affordable DWI/DUI Lawyers at VTS DWI Law advise you on all the factors involved in mounting a successful drunk driving defense and make you feel comfortable that you can sleep well at night knowing a team of highly skilled lawyers is on your side fighting for you.

Our DUI attorneys will put all of their skill, experience, and talent to work on your behalf to ensure you are not wrongfully convicted.

At VTS DWI Law, our decades of experience and proven results make us the right choice for individuals in need of a capable Kentucky DUI lawyer throughout the state.

Our DUI & Traffic Ticket attorneys can offer you personalized and professional representation with your DUI.

Call one of our ticket & drunk driving lawyers today for additional information to meet with one of our lawyers.

We will thoroughly investigate your case to uncover any evidence that would support your innocence and build the best case possible to help you avoid conviction.

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