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Datingwithdan com - adult singles dating frederick south dakota

Of course, life and its perks are more enjoyable if you can share.It includes work and play, companionship and alone time.

D ’88 Funny (wry and witty), attractive, bright, fit, and quirky.

F 51048 5'7", MIT BS CSE, MBA, Originally a NY/New Englander.

Love most active sports, outdoors, animals, socializing, people watching and being a hermit with a warm fire, hot cocoa and a great book.

Do a lot of volunteer work and own high tech consulting business in SF BAY AREA.

I have a full and happy life, but it would be wonderful to find a special someone to have fun with.

I love music, sports and the theater as well as outdoor activities.

I was raised Catholic but consider myself more spiritual than a practicing Catholic today.

Would love a travel partner as well as someone to spend these great years of life with.51 yo F 51628 Attention, fellow OKC and refugees: I am looking for YOU to have fabulous conversations and adventures with!

I'm an attractive, athletic, Yale-educated ER physician, 5'10" and 138 pounds, 51 and look younger, blond and blue-eyed, divorced, atheist.

I love the smell of coffee, redwoods and the ocean.

Laughter, conversation, good food, hikes and travel are some of the things that would be awesome to share.

Love life and am certain that the best is yet to come.

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