Pivot table not updating correctly

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To apply conditional formatting: The cells with above average values are highlighted.When you apply conditional formatting to a block of cells in the pivot table, the formatting rule is applied to those cells only.

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In this example, the Date field is in the Rows area, Territory is in the Columns area and Sales Amount is in the Values area.Here is the correct code, with Kirill's instructions: ' Sheets to consolidate '***************************************************************************** arr Sheets = Array("310_BWATTS_P Pastujova", "310_BWATTS_Maria Sanchez") '***************************************************************************** Active Sheet. I’ve posted several examples of manipulating pivot tables with VBA, for example, Dynamic Chart using Pivot Table and VBA and Update Regular Chart when Pivot Table Updates.You can also adjust the location where the pivot table will be added.This line is further down in the Create Connection code. Then go back to Excel, click the button on the worksheet, and a summary pivot table will be automatically created.For example, highlight the cells that are above average, or lower than a specific amount.

If you are applying conditional formatting to a pivot table, you might need to adjust the settings, to ensure that the correct cells are formatted, after the pivot table changes.The new cells are now formatted correctly, and the formatting range will automatically expand, if more records are added to the source data.You can download the Conditional Formatting workbook to see the pivot table used in this example. To save time when building, formatting and modifying your pivot tables, use the tools in my Pivot Power Premium add-in.You can download the new ADO version of the file from the Contextures website: PT0024 - Pivot Table from Multiple Sheets - ADO version In the comments below, Kirill posted code that will automatically detect the sheet names.The blog formatting changed his minus sign to a long dash, and also deleted the Less Than Greater Than operator.(You might remember Héctor's innovative Filter Pivot Table Source Data example, posted earlier this year.) To adjust their sample code to work in your file, you'd replace the sheet names in the Create Connection code.